Welcome to Studio Galactica, your local beauty parlor! We have been serving an eclectic clientele in downtown Bellingham, Wa since February of 2001 and are proud of the community we’re part of. 

Our salon is a stylist collective, meaning that the team of folks behind the chair are all self employed and self empowered. We each set our own hours and our pricing is set by the stylist performing the service so can vary a bit chair to chair. All of our stylists offer free 15 min consultations to give price quotes on color appointments based on the client’s vision and the process needed to achieve it! 

If you’d like to make an appointment please call the salon at 360-752-1188 and leave a message (no receptionist keeps our prices lower for you!). We return calls throughout the day between clients so we can give our full attention to the person in the chair. If you leave a message and don’t hear back it’s likely that the salon was closed but we will get back to you as soon as we’re in, we promise!

Historically Studio Galactica has been a no tipping salon and has built the tip into our prices. As of 2023, we are changing our tipping policy to help offset the rising costs of our industry while allowing us to keep our base prices lower than most of our neighboring salons. We keep our prices affordable and regularly compare prices at all the salons in the area to make sure we’re as accessible as possible to the diverse community we’re part of. Our new tipping policy is “Never expected, no longer refused”. If you’d like to add a tip to your service please let your stylist know prior to payment. 

Bellingham, WA Salon – We Love Hair!