Cancellation Policy

Cancellation, no show, late arrival policy:
Please understand that as self employed stylists, we only earn income when we’re working. When clients reserve our time and don’t show up or cancel without enough notice for us to fill the space that client reserved, we will charge the full price of the service to cover the portion of our workday that was reserved. The required time for cancellation notice varies with each stylist (from 24-72 hours) so please confirm your specific stylist’s cancellation policy at the time the service is booked. Any amount of notice you’re able to give allows us to try to fill your reserved time with another paying client and can reduce or negate our need to charge you for the time you’ve reserved. Most of us are able to receive payment for late cancellations and no shows through Venmo or at the salon prior to booking your next appointment.
If you’ve reserved time for a specific service and decide the same day that you want to modify your appointment, please expect to pay for the full cost of the original appointment. For example, if you book a cut and color but decide to skip the cut without cancelling that portion of the service, we will charge for a cut and color to cover the reserved time.
For clients who arrive to their scheduled appointment late, we will do everything we can to provide the full service you’ve scheduled but please understand that we may need to skip part of the service (the shampoo, blow dry, or the cut, for example) in order to stay on schedule for the rest of our workday. The cost will be for the reserved time of the original appointment.

Illness: If you aren’t feeling 100% but are fever free and Covid negative, please wear a mask while in the salon. If you or people in your household are sick with any of the following symptoms, please wear a mask while in the salon:
-sore throat
-loss of voice
-abdominal upset
We have masks available if you need one! Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive.

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